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1704, 17/F, Tung Chiu Commercial Centre
193-197 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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Answers to Visa Questions:

Do you have a specific immigration question you need answering? Please ask us via the Hong Kong Visa Geeza blog – we’ll give you a PodCast answer within 48 hours, completely free of charge!

Application Submission Management Centre:

In order to keep our costs down – and allowing us to pass those savings on to you – our staff are not full time office based, therefore we do not have the facility to receive drop-in clients in our Wanchai offices. Moreover, our premises are not constantly occupied as the Application Submission Management Team spends much of their time at Immigration Tower processing client applications. Consequently, we use commercial couriers extensively to exchange passports and original client documentation.

Hong Kong Business Registration Number: 53993200

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