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Your Consultation

HKD4,000 – Value for Money Consultation

85% Savings – For just HK$4,000, the resources of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook and a Consultation with the Hong Kong Visa Centre combined will allow you to save approximately 85% on typical immigration advisory service fees.*

What You Get

During the Consultation, our discussion will focus on:

Your current immigration status in Hong Kong.
The type of visa you think you should be applying for.
Sponsorship of your application.
Your ability to pass the ‘approvability test’ for the specific visa consents you are seeking.
The essential cut and thrust of the arguments you would want to be presenting to ImmD in support of your application.
The essential strengths and weaknesses of your case circumstances.
Arrangements to be considered in respect of any family dependents or other loved ones who will be requiring associated permissions to remain in Hong Kong with you as the principal visa holder.

Service Process

In preparing for your Consultation, our assumption is that you have reviewed the Hong Kong Visa Handbook and have an essential appreciation of the requirements for visa approval in your circumstances. Nevertheless, we are happy to use your consultation time in any way you see fit but please note, we do not have a service mechanism in place to review documents BEFORE the first Consultation commences. For this, we suggest you upgrade to the Silver package after we have covered the ground in the initial Consultation. Of course, we can always receive documents during the Consultation too, so please have these ready to email through us once we have the Consultation underway.

Service Activity
Time Allocated




Your Consultation will follow a structured format. Please download our Consultation Brief here.

Designed For…

Our Consultation service is an entry level offering for those seeking grass roots assistance in their application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. You can upgrade your service level at any time. Just ask your dedicated HKVC Immigration Consultant.

* For example, an employment visa service in Hong Kong is typically charged, by the reputable providers, at between 10~25,000 Hong Kong Dollars (depending on the number of case instructions you give them each year). The Hong Kong Visa Centre’s Platinum service fee for an Employment Visa is HK$22,500. The percentage savings available will be considerably greater in the case of QMAS, Business Investment and Capital Investment applications and marginally less in lower value services such as Legal Dependants and Visitor visa related services.


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