Inject Confidence Into Your Application


What You Get

The Sliver package includes the Consultation service plus review of documentation supporting your application to assess its relevance, quality and potential impact on a favourable outcome. This is followed by a further 30 minutes video or audio teleconference to discuss the merits of the final set of communications bundled for submission to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

Service Process

Your first Consultation will follow a structured format. Please download our Consultation Brief here. Following this, you use our advice and subsequently send to us all of the documentation you have made ready to submit to ImmD in support of your application. After reviewing it, we schedule a second audio or video teleconference to provide you with advice on any final adjustments to your argument or supporting documentation.

Service Activity
Time Allocated


55 Minutes

Online Conference

Documentation Review

30 Minutes


Pre-Submission Advice

30 Minutes

Online Conference

Designed For…

The Silver package of services is designed for those seeking confidence in their application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department. You can upgrade your service level at any time. Just ask your dedicated HKVC Immigration Consultant.

* For example, an employment visa service in Hong Kong is typically charged, by the reputable providers, at between 10~25,000 Hong Kong Dollars (depending on the number of case instructions you give them each year). The Hong Kong Visa Centre’s Platinum service fee for an Employment Visa is HK$22,500. The percentage savings available will be considerably greater in the case of QMAS, Business Investment and Capital Investment applications and marginally less in lower value services such as Legal Dependants and Visitor visa related services.


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