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Can I Get a Hong Kong Dependant Visa for My Chinese Spouse Presently Resident on the Mainland?

April 16th, 2013

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If you are a foreign national permanent resident of Hong Kong or live in Hong Kong unconditionally you have 2 choices to secure immigration permissions for your Chinese national spouse currently resident on the Mainland to join you in Hong Kong.

Firstly, you can join the 10 year long Q for a One Way Permit for family reunion.

Alternatively, you can secure a PR visa for your spouse in your country of origin and go and live there for a minimum of one year.

Thereafter, you will be able to secure a dependant visa for your spouse and begin your family life together in the HKSAR.

On the other hand, if you hold an employment or business investment visa for Hong Kong or otherwise have been admitted under the quality migrant or mainland talents and professionals schemes then you can secure dependant visas for Chinese spouses presently resident on the Mainland.

This requires an Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Macau and Hong Kong to be endorsed for Hong Kong by the Public Security Bureau in where their household registration is kept in China and is a process which has to be completed once the Hong Kong Immigration Department have issued the dependant visa label.

The Chinese spouse then presents this Exit-Entry Permit upon arrival in Hong Kong.

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