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Hong Kong Immigration | Training Visa Second Job | Is It Possible To Have 2 Jobs | What Limitations Exist?

December 5th, 2023

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Can I Hold a Second Job While in Hong Kong Working Under a Training Visa?

hong kong training visa second job

Hong Kong training visa second job – is it possible to hold down 2 positions whilst in Hong Kong working under a training visa?


I am waiting on my training visa and am wondering: can I hold a second job while in Hong Kong working under a training visa?


Hong Kong training visa second job? In this post, I will cover the training visa eligibility criteria, application process, approval considerations, maximum period of stay, dependent policy, and the concept of 2 jobs and one training visa.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Hong Kong training visa, the following criteria must be met:

  • The applicant must not have any security objections or known records of serious crime.
  • The applicant and the sponsoring company must have bona fides.
  • The sponsoring company must be well-established and capable of providing the proposed training.
  • A contract must be signed between the sponsoring company and the applicant.
  • The sponsoring company must guarantee in writing the maintenance, repatriation, and training of the applicant.
  • The proposed duration and content of the training program must be justified.

Application Process

The application for a training visa can be submitted through various channels:

Approval Considerations

The approvability of a training visa application depends on the following factors:

  • Bona fides of the sponsoring entity providing the training.
  • Unavailability of the training in the applicant’s home country.
  • Reasonable scope and length of the training in all circumstances.

Maximum Period of Stay

The maximum period of stay for a training visa is 12 months, which is non-extendable. The actual period of stay is tied to the formal length of the training contract.

Dependent Policy

Under the prevailing dependent policy, applicants admitted for training can bring their spouse, partner, or unmarried dependent children under 18 to Hong Kong. The trainee will be the sponsor for accompanying dependents. The dependent’s length of stay is linked to the sponsor’s, and dependents are required to leave Hong Kong when the sponsor leaves. Dependents are allowed to work in Hong Kong under existing policy.

Can You Hold A Second Job?

Training visas are issued by the Immigration Department under the general employment policy to facilitate the temporary deployment of foreign national talent to undergo a finite period of training in Hong Kong. The training program is designed to be exclusive, and the visa holder is expected to focus solely on the training.

While it is technically possible to apply for a second job, the Immigration Department generally does not entertain such applications. Engaging in side employment goes against the spirit of a training visa, which is meant for individuals to gain skills and return to their home country. Therefore, it is advisable to prioritize your training and not expect permission to take up a second job while on a training visa in Hong Kong.

We hope you find this helpful information as you consider your options for a training visa in Hong Kong.

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