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Can You Have 2 Hong Kong Employment Visa Applications Pending At the Same Time?

December 11th, 2021

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This is quite an unusual set of facts and provides a great opportunity to clear up one small, yet key, part of the Hong Kong employment visa applications process.



“We are from Canada. Recently my boyfriend and I were offered a job teaching English with a company in Hong Kong. We gave them the info for our work visa and they submitted the application. Actually, the terms and conditions were less attractive that we thought but we just wanted to get to HK. In the meantime, we kept applying for jobs to find a better offer and found a new company and were subsequently offered jobs. We gave them the appropriate visa info and they submitted an application for a Hong Kong work visa as well.

Will both visas get denied because we have two applications on the go at the same time? Should I tell the first company immediately that we do not want to work for them? Or should I let them both go through and pick up the visa for the second company when we arrive and tell the first company we want out? We are very worried about it. Do you have any suggestions? Will they issue two visas for two different companies and then allow us to activate one?”

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