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Do I Need an Employment Visa Even if I Will be in Hong Kong for Just 2 Weeks to Complete a Consulting Assignment?

November 8th, 2022

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First Published August 29, 2021

A foreign national seeking to come to Hong Kong to work, paid or unpaid, for a long or short duration, requires the permission of the Hong Kong Director of Immigration.


Dear Stephen

Your on-line book is very clear and helpful. I just need to clarify my position – and you must get lots of these type of questions.

I am a UK based one person limited company and have been asked by a major design company with a business based in Hong Kong to undertake 10 – 15 days consulting work in HK – as a one-off exercise.

I will not be setting up business in Hong Kong and will return to the UK at the end of the visit.

Can this be done under the visitor visa and do I need anything additional such as a work permit?

Thank you

UPDATE: Short Term Employment As A Visitor

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