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Do You Need to Have Been Physically Present in Hong Kong for a Full Seven Years (i.e 2555 Days All Told) in Order to Qualify for Permanent Residency?

December 27th, 2017

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Sometimes even the big name publications can get their facts (and law) wrong…



Dear Stephen,

The Wall Street Journal guide to HK states (here: ), concerning the application for the right of abode, that “foreign nationals need to have stayed in Hong Kong for a continuous seven years.

If one traveled for a month outside Hong Kong within a seven-year period, then he or she needs to have resided in Hong Kong for at least seven years and one month.”

Is that last sentence accurate?

A related question:

In some sources, I have read that any continuous absences from Hong Kong of over 6 months need to be listed (and explained) in the application.

Some sources say that whenever one is absent more than 6 months within a year (whether continuous or not), this has to be listed (and explained).

Could you clarify?

 Thanks so much.

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