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Does Time Spent Outside of Hong Kong Working For A Hong Kong Employer Break Continuity of Residence for PR Purposes After 7 Years?

May 6th, 2022

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Time spent outside of Hong Kong working for a Hong Kong employer?


This question has come up before but the questioner has assumed that his training visa will be extended subsequently so… 


I am married and have two kids aged 8 and 5.

I have recently taken up employment in Hong Kong with a Hong Kong company.

My company has initially sponsored a 9 months employment/training visa for me, as eventually they would like me to work abroad in their overseas subsidiaries.

Given the short term nature of my initial stay in Hong Kong, I haven’t moved my family here and staying alone.

I have got an HK ID and have also opened an HK bank account where my company will pay my salary every month.

Here is my question.

Will the time spent outside HK working on international assignments for my HK based employer, count towards the minimum stay requirement for HK permanent residence?

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