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Foreign Nationals Working in Hong Kong – Getting Married, Changing Visas & the Immigration Status of Children Born Here Subsequently

August 22nd, 2020

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So, what are the immigration implications of getting married and then having children in Hong Kong if you are a temporary resident presently holding an employment visa?




Can you please help with a few questions?

1. I am getting married next month and would like to cancel my employment visa through my employer, and change to a dependent visa through my spouse. I would like to remain with the same employer. Is that possible? Would I still require an employment contract with my office (same employer) or would I no longer need an employment contract.

2. If we are married in the US and have a US marriage license, how do I register that in Hong Kong?

3. If two US citizens, living in Hong Kong on employment visas, have their baby in Hong Kong, is that baby now a Hong Kong citizen, or does his/her status follow the visa status of the parents?

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