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Hong Kong Visitor Visa Facilitation Plan | Short Term Employment Allowed | In Certain Circumstances Only

December 7th, 2023

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Hong Kong Visitor Visa Facilitation Plan – Short-Term Employment Allowed

Some helpful changes for short-term work purposes.

Until 2024

A Hong Kong visitor facilitation plan was launched by the Hong Kong Government on the 1st of June 2022 for a period of two years.

Immigration Facilitation

The measure is due to provide immigration facilitation for visitors participating in short-term activities in 10 designated sectors: medical & healthcare, higher education, arts & culture, sports, heritage, creative industries, innovation & technology, Hong Kong Laureate Forum, aviation and international/mega-events, as per the explanatory list on the Immigration Department’s website.

Short Term Activities

Technically, the invitees/eligible visitors (non-local talent in their sector) may come to Hong Kong to participate in designated short-term activities as visitors without the need to apply for employment visas/entry permits from the Immigration Department. However, eligible visitors should be endorsed by the authorised host organisations by way of invitation letters. The host organisations sponsoring visitors to come to Hong Kong to participate in specified short-term activities must be endorsed by the relevant government bureaux/departments.

Compensation Permitted

Eligible visitors may receive remuneration for the designated activities concerned. The provision of payment is a matter between the eligible visitors and the host organisations.

14 Days Maximum

The stay of the non-local talents is limited to 14 days upon each arrival.

Check out the Hong Kong Visa Handbook on the Hong Kong Visitor Visa Facilitation Plan here.

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Hong Kong Visitor Visa Facilitation Plan

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