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Hong Kong Working Visas – Is it Possible to Build a New Business Here Relying Solely on Highly Specialist Foreign National Skills and Talent?

January 23rd, 2022

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Hong Kong working visas – what would the Hong Kong Immigration Department make of  a new, highly specialised business who’s fundamental ability to exist was driven by the need to import unique foreign national skills and talent?



Hi Steve, two questions really.

First, I’ve recently set up my own business in a specialised area (Wildlife Management Consultancy) and have been getting requests by post grads that I’ve lectured to working in this field who are from abroad as to whether there are any intern slots available.

I’ll need some help in developing the business and wondered whether there was a particular working visa that could satisfy this visa query?

I looked on  the Immigration Department website and nothing sprung to mind.

Secondly, I heard you talking about difficulties in F&B getting professional status for potential employees (normally only chefs).

If I’m to grow the business I need help & there are some people I’d like to approach who have very particular set of skills (habitat conservation, species migration, specialist animal handling skills, etc) that I would want them to have.

Supposing I could offer a position to that special somebody, is there a working visa that this person could get?

If I only can rely on Hong Kong employees I can’t see the business model working.

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