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How Can a Defacto Spouse Gain Approval to Work Under a Hong Kong Prolonged Visitor Visa?

December 22nd, 2023

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Work Under A Hong Kong Prolonged Visitor Visa | Benefits | Limitations | Requirements

Learn about the requirements, ImmD policy and how to qualify for an employment visa while holding such a prolonged visitor visa as a defacto spouse

So, what happens if a defacto partner ‘trailing spouse’ wants to take up employment in Hong Kong under a prolonged visitor visa? Is this possible?

Work Under a Hong Kong Prolonged Visitor Visa


Hi Visa Geeza,

I have been offered a job in Hong Kong and me and my de-facto partner are considering the move.

Whilst the company will sponsor me,  my partner wants to work in Hong Kong and not sit idle.

Is there anyway through the prolonged visitor visa (PVV) that she can obtain a right to work?

Also, are the PVV’s a little hit and miss and no guarantees they will be granted as they are a “made up” visa to accommodate defacto partners?

Me and my girlfriend have lived together for 5 years.

Appreciate any views / comments you can give.



Are you considering working under a Hong Kong Prolonged Visitor Visa? This  guide and the podcast reply which follows will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. From understanding the benefits and limitations to meeting the requirements, we’ll break it down step by step.


Are you an employment visa holder in Hong Kong looking to sponsor your deafcto spouse under a Prolonged Visitor Visa? This visa allows for family reunions and is granted after careful assessment of the circumstances involved. It is specifically designed for couples who have the opportunity to legally marry but choose not to.

Understanding the Prolonged Visitor Visa in Hong Kong

The Prolonged Visitor Visa is a special status granted to individuals seeking to reunite with their partners in Hong Kong. It serves as a visitor visa and offers temporary residency. If your partner wishes to join you in Hong Kong under this visa, it allows them to be together with you while exploring other employment opportunities.

Qualifying for Employment under a Prolonged Visitor Visa

While a Prolonged Visitor Visa grants temporary residency, it does not automatically allow the holder to work. To pursue employment, your partner will need to secure a job offer. Under the general employment policy, they must demonstrate special skills, knowledge, and experience that are valuable and readily available in Hong Kong. Additionally, the job offer must be genuine and unable to be filled by the local workforce.

Employment Visa Probabilities and Requirements

It’s important to note that holding a Prolonged Visitor Visa does not provide any advantage when it comes to passing the employment visa approvability test. The requirements and considerations are equally as stringent as if the applicant did not hold a prolonged visitor visa. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully navigate the employment visa application process, ensuring all the necessary criteria are met.

Exploring Opportunities for Work in Hong Kong

While holding a Prolonged Visitor Visa, your partner can actively search for job opportunities in Hong Kong. It is essential to network, leverage your professional qualifications, and highlight your relevant experience. By demonstrating your unique value and skills, you increase your chances of finding employment opportunities that match your expertise.

Employment Visa Application Process and Considerations

To pursue employment in Hong Kong under a Prolonged Visitor Visa, an employment visa application must be submitted. The process can be complex and may present challenges. It is advisable to seek professional assistance and guidance to navigate through the intricacies of the application process. Their expertise will ensure that all the necessary documentation is prepared and submitted accurately.

Last Words

Working under a Hong Kong Prolonged Visitor Visa offers couples the opportunity to stay together and explore employment opportunities. While this visa does come with certain limitations, it is a viable option for those who choose not to marry but meet the criteria for family reunion and dependancy. Understanding the requirements and navigating the employment visa application process is crucial. Seek professional guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transition into the Hong Kong workforce.

Remember, while the Prolonged Visitor Visa does not guarantee employment, with careful planning and preparation, you can increase your chances of securing the right employment status in Hong Kong.


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