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How Can I Bring My Chinese Girlfriend To Hong Kong To Live With Me While I Work Here?

March 31st, 2024

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Having a relationship with a Chinese partner resident on the Mainland can be problematic if you wish to share your lives together in Hong Kong…

Chinese Girlfriend to Hong Kong to Live With Me


I am looking to take up employment in Hong Kong from November 1st.

My biggest concern is the ability and feasibility for my girlfriend from Mainland China to be able to join me in Hong Kong.

Please can you advise on possible options.

She only graduated just over a year ago, so a Mainland Talent visa, I assume, is definitely out.

Thanks for your time, much appreciated.


As you have identified already the mission of Mainland Talents and Professionals Scheme which provides an opportunity for mainland graduates who are deemed to be talents or professionals to come to Hong Kong to take up employment on the strength of having received a job offer here from a suitable employer.

This visa programme is not going to be suitable for you in your circumstances because of the fact that your partner is a new graduate. So because of the floodgate mechanism that works in Hong Kong, in a sense to keep down the numbers of mainland residents taking up residence here, realistically, having looked through the options available to you, I would suggest that your best possible chance of being able to carry on your joint lives in Hong Kong is for her to get a student visa, potentially go ahead and participate in a master’s degree programme from a Hong Kong university – and it must be a graduate degree in this respect, or she could take an undergraduate programme as well if she wanted to take another bachelor’s degree on board. However, my advice would be to apply to do a master’s degree and thus get a student visa that would then allow you one year together until she graduates. And then at the end of that one year upon graduation, she could apply for a visa under the immigration arrangements for non-local graduates, which effectively gives her a carte blanche visa to go and work for anybody, no questions asked, for another year, and at the end of that year, as long as she’s got and employment with a suitable and credible sponsor, and the compensation that she’s receiving for the work that she does is broadly commensurate with market rates, then she’ll be able to carry on getting extended in Hong Kong under those arrangements on an indefinite basis through to seven years, as long as she’s in full time employment each time that she makes an application to extend her visa.

So, really cutting to the chase, if you want to carry on your lives in Hong Kong, really the only option you’ve got is a student visa, then immigration arrangements for non-local graduates. I hope you found this useful.

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Chinese Girlfriend to Hong Kong to Live With Me

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