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I Have Been in Hong Kong For 2 Years as a Visitor and Have 2 Work Visa Refusals – What’s the Risk of Refused Entry Again in My Circumstances?

February 8th, 2020

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How is the Shenzhen Shuttle impacted where there is a history of long stay visits in Hong Kong combined with multiple employment visa refusals?




I have been in Hong Kong for 2 years as a Visitor and my work visa application was denied for the second time a couple of weeks ago.

My visitor visa doesn’t run out until next week. I wanted to ask if my refused visa application will have an impact on my re-entry when I go to Macau to renew my visitor visa. I’ve been going to Macau for renewal every few months and there hasn’t been a problem but all of those times, I either wasn’t applying or it was in progress.

Now that it has definitely been denied, how heavy is the risk that I will be told to go back to Switzerland? (I have a Swiss passport).

I also applied for a Work Holiday visa a couple of years ago that was denied.

My boyfriend lives here with an Italian passport and so I’m very worried about possible separation.

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