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If You Stay in Hong Kong for 7 Years as a De-facto Spouse Holding a Prolonged Visitor Visa Will You Qualify for Permanent Residency?

April 26th, 2018

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Short and sweet question today, but an important answer so worthy of a PodCast answer (I get loads of questions each day and I answer all of those capable of an answer (many are not – eg “I want to work in HK can you get me a job and help with the visa”?) . The really simple ones get 2 or 3 sentence email responses, often containing links to previously answered questions).


Where an issue has not been addressed previously, its added to the PodCast immigration knowledge base which is slowly building over time. In any event, we’ll answer every question we receive so long as it falls within our remit to do so.


My female life partner has been staying in Hong Kong under a “de facto wife” visa of 6 months which has been renewed already for several years.

Would she be entitled to ask for permanent residency if she continues to get this kind of visa for a total of 7 years ?

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