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Training Visa Application? Is 7 Weeks A Long Time to Wait For The Hong Kong Immigration Department To Approve?

July 31st, 2023

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How Long Does It Take To Finalise A Hong Kong Training Visa Application?

Hong Kong training visa application – foreign nationals can come to Hong Kong to receive training.  The question is – how long can you reasonably expect the visa consideration exercise to take?

Hong Kong Training Visa Application

Updated July 2023


I am making a Hong Kong training visa application as I recently signed a contract for a 12-month training with one of the biggest insurance companies in Hong Kong. 

My application for training visa has been submitted at the beginning of April, by the visa agency working with that company.

And now I am still waiting for the results.

As for my personal information, I am Chinese (PRC) and I have lived in Germany for the past six years to complete my undergraduate/graduate study.

I obtained my diploma in February this year. I hold a residence permit in Germany renewable each year.

The immigration office has asked supporting documents from the insurance company in the past weeks as well as my future plans in writing.

Now they are in completely silent.

I was told by the agency dealing with my visa application that the junior officers in the Immigration Department could not decide how to proceed with my application.

So the senior officers are looking at my documents. But seven weeks have been passed since the submission of my application until today.

I would like to know whether you have already seen someone spending this long to obtain a training visa and my chance to actually obtaining one from your point of view.

If you have some suggestions to accelerate this process, do not hesitate to give them to me as well! I really need them.

Many thanks for your help!

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