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Is There Any Sure Fire Way to Get Defacto Extensions to Your Hong Kong Visitor Visa By Frequently Undertaking the Shenzhen Shuttle?

September 10th, 2017

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Hey Visa Geeza,

I am a citizen of  Russia and unfortunately have a very short visitor visa which is just 14 days, but I need to stay in Hong Kong for longer as I want to find a job here (I am a graphics and game designer) and been on couple of job  interviews already and plan on doing more.

I’ve reset my visitor stay a couple of times through Macau, but on the third time got questioned upon arrival and got only three days stay.

Later went to Shenzhen and got questioned again by Immigration, but luckily got full 14 days.

So is there any good way to extend visitor stay or get hassle free solution to frequently visit Hong Kong?

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