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Right of Abode | Continuity of Residence | Time Spent Away From Hong Kong For Education Or Medical Treatment

December 31st, 2023

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Right of Abode & Continuity of Ordinary Residence Calculation

What Counts & What Doesn’t?


First Published October 4, 2014

Right of Abode


Got 2 very similar questions in recently so I’m taking the opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone…


I have a residency visa and this is my 6th year in Hong Kong. I need to go back to my country due to some medical urgency. What amount of time can I spend outside Hong Kong so that my 7 years of continuous stay here remains unaffected?


I came to Hong Kong in 2009 as dependent child of my parent. I am supposed to apply for PR in 2015. But I spent more than a year out of Hong Kong to study within this period and I have my academic certificates to support my reason for my stay away. Will the Immigration Department approve my reason or count the 7 years all over again?


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Right of Abode

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