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What Do The Immigration Department Look For When Establishing The Bona Fides Of A Hong Kong Employer As A Suitable AND Credible Sponsor Under The Immigration Arrangements For Non-local Graduates?

May 2nd, 2024

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Can any old entity successfully sponsor an employment visa extension under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates? What qualifies a Hong Kong employer as a suitable and credible sponsor?

Suitable and Credible Sponsor


I am currently in Hong Kong on IANG Visa.

My company would need to help me to sponsor the IANG visa once my limit of stay is within 4 weeks of expiry.

I do understand that the remuneration for the job needs to be at the market level and the job should be commonly taken up by the graduates.

What I would like to know is that is there any minimum standard regarding the size, revenue and/or profit that the company must satisfy in order to sponsor the IANG visa.

In other words is there any minimum standard for the financial standing of the company for it to be eligible to sponsor the IANG Visa?


Essentially what the Immigration Department is looking for from a proposed sponsor of an employment visa granted under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates (IANG) is that the sponsoring entity indeed be a suitable and credible sponsor. Now whilst your question drives to the heart of profitability, in fact the Immigration Department are not so much looking for profitability, although that clearly helps if the business is profitable, but they’re wanting to make sure that it’s a sizable and well established employer, and to that extent what I’ve done is I’ve included in this post a cut and paste of a standard list that the Immigration Department send out in pursuit of every application under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-Local Graduates, so you can get uh an insight into what it is the Immigration Department is really looking for from a proposed sponsor so that it can qualify as a suitable & credible sponsor.

If you can address each of these items in the list to the satisfaction of the Immigration Department then suitability for sponsorship purposes will be established; and note that there is a requirement there in relation to the business plan for the business in the event that the sponsoring entity or the proposed sponsoring entity is less than twelve months old.

This really drives to the heart of the Immigration Department wanting to be sure that friends of IANG applicants are not just cobbling together a quick story for the purposes of contriving a job offer under IANG so that new graduates will be able to carry on their lives in Hong Kong in the wake of having had a twelve-month grace period to get themselves established in the workforce with well established organisations.

So I think the list actually speaks volumes as to what the Immigration Department are looking for. Don’t worry about profitability as such. Just make sure that as you’ve stated the compensation that’s being paid to you is broadly commensurate with market rates locally, and if your employer is able to suitably address the list that’s detailed in the post, the bona fide of being a suitable and credible sponsor will have been established and you can expect that your extension will get approved without too many problems.

I hope you found that useful.

Copy Standard List Requirements Referenced in the PodCast Answer


Suitable and Credible Sponsor

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