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What Is the Bare Minimum Income & Accommodation Arrangements to Suitably Sponsor a Hong Kong Dependant Visa?

April 28th, 2018

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Today’s question relates how the Hong Kong Immigration Department respond to requests for dependant visas from permanent resident sponsors, particularly those families who are relocating back to Hong Kong some years after the marriage commenced overseas.



Thank you for your wonderful website!

My wife and I are planning on applying for a Dependant visa for me. She a Hong Kong born and raised native. I am Danish.

We have been married for four years, she is returning to Hong Kong after living in Denmark for four years.

My question has two parts.

Should we file yet, and what sort of income does my wife need to qualify as my sponsor? We don’t want to file now if that means being turned down and creating a poor record and history for us. 

Before moving her Hong Kong Immigration said we could file for a Dependent visa with me on a Visitor visa. But after reading your and other available materials I think I might need to hold off filing because my wife has not yet found what I believe to be a “qualifying” job. 

I have read the approvability test about “above the sustenance level” and have tried to research what does that mean exactly, but it’s still vague to me, and it seems to depend upon ones circumstances.

Right now we have a “roof over our heads”, are living with her mom who owns the apartment. Her family paid off the mortgage years ago.

But I think she also needs a full time job with a specific minimum level of Income to qualify as my sponsor.

At the moment, while she searches for a full time position, she has a temporary part time job for as long as she wants it. She earns $12,000 HKD/month from that.

As far as assets, she has a substantial number of insurance policies with guaranteed cash values, but no bank account savings. She is also is a percentage owner in one of the family apartments.

So my question is, given this financial picture, do we stand any chance of currently qualifying?

If not, what kind of minimum income would be needed to be able to pass the financial approvability test?

Many thanks.

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