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Will Extended Time Spent In Hong Kong As A Visitor Between Employment Visas Negatively Impact Any Future Application I Make To Work Here Again?

April 13th, 2024

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What do ImmD make of foreign nationals who hold an employment visa for a period of time, then remain here as Visitors again for a protracted time, then apply once again for an employment visa?

Extended Time Spent in Hong Kong as a Visitor


I was previously employed in Hong for a number of years, but have been not been working here for the past 2 years, so have had to make multiple re-entries into Hong Kong as a Visitor (consecutive re-entries over a span of 2 years). 

Hong Kong Immigration has never rejected my re-entry as a visitor into Hong Kong, nor have I over-stayed any visits. 

I have family ties in Hong Kong, and would like to remain here. 

I also have financial/bank accounts in Hong Kong. 

I was wondering if I were to get sponsored by an employer to work in Hong Kong again, would Immigration look at my work visa application unfavourably as a result of my previous years as a “visitor”?

Thank you for your most helpful service.


Each time that you present yourself as a visitor in Hong Kong there is an examination of your bona fide as a visitor and if the examining officer is satisfied as to your bona fide you get admitted and effectively no further questions asked about what you’re going to be doing and how you’re spending your time here.

So the fact that you’ve had protracted stays in Hong Kong as a visitor since the time of your last employment visa will not negatively impact in any way on future application that you make for an employment visa; the facts are what they are and, as I say the examining officer at the point of presenting yourself as a visitor has looked at your bona fide and has been satisfied with them and as long as you have no bistaid then there is no issues associated with any time spent in Hong Kong is visited negatively impacting any future application.

I hope you find this useful.

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Extended Time Spent in Hong Kong as a Visitor

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