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Will My Frequent and Lengthy Visits to Hong Kong Over the Last 2 Years Compromise My Ability to Secure an Employment Visa Subsequently?

May 26th, 2017

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So, you’ve been hanging out in Hong Kong as a Visitor for quite a while and have now decided you wish to become formally resident…. will the extended time spent here previously impact your chances for an employment visa?



I’ve been staying in Hong Kong for nearly 2 years on a tourist visa, I’ve never overstayed  and I travel out of Hong Kong frequently.

I’ve actually gotten an eChannel pass which was suggested to me by Hong Kong immigration due to number stamps in my passport.

I have an American passport.

I’ve now decided to try to formally settle in Hong Kong and accepted a job offer for a position I am suitably qualified.

The paperwork has been submitted to HKID.

Will it be an issue that I’ve been in and out of Hong Kong so frequently?


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