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Will Redundancy & Subsequent, Extensive Overseas Travel Away Negatively Impact a Hong Kong Permanent Residency Application at the 7 Year Mark?

March 24th, 2020

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What are ImmD looking for to ensure that you are settled in Hong Kong at the time they consider your Hong Kong Permanent Residency application?


Firstly, thank you for the great service you provide. I just had two questions for you that are related.

I currently have a work visa for 3 years (2-2-3). In two years I want to make a Hong Kong permanent residency application as I will have lived here for 7 years. In 6 months I expect to lose my job (be made redundant). I understand I can continue to live here for the remainder of my work permit without working.

My first question is, will redundancy affect my Hong Kong permanent residency application in any way?

My second question is during the remaining 14 months while I am waiting to apply for the permanent residency I would like to spend most of it traveling in Asia and also the U.S. Will this affect my application for permanent residency in any way?

I plan to have an apartment and pay rent here during the entire time so I want to make sure I’m not wasting my money in doing so and that my Hong Kong permanent residency application will nevertheless go on to be approved.

Thank you again for the great service you provide.

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