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10 Must Have Resources for a Successful Hong Kong Employment Visa Application

June 19th, 2020

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I have been asked twice recently about adding the Hong Kong employment visa to the “10 Must Have …” collection of resources on the Visa Geeza Blog so here you have it.

In addition to the resources detailed below, you can also find how to extend your Hong Kong employment visa here and in case your proposed employer doesn’t have one, this link will take you to the standard employment contract that we tend to use with our clients if  the need so arises.

INFOGRAPHIC – Newcomers Guide to Getting an Employment Visa for Hong Kong

FACTSHEET – Visa Information On the Hong Kong Employment Visa

PLAN – The Hong Kong Visa Application Roadmap

VIDEO – Your Employer Must Help You Get Your Hong Kong Employment Visa

TEMPLATES – How to Structure Your Hong Kong Employment Visa Application Argument

CASE STUDY – Hong Kong Employment Visa – Teenage High School Graduate Gets Approved!

VIDEO – Does Your Employer Control Your Hong Kong Immigration Destiny?

VIDEO – What’s the Minimum Salary Requirement for a Hong Kong Employment Visa?

VIDEO – If I Didn’t Graduate From a University Will It Preclude Me From Getting an Employment Visa in HK?

PODCAST – Can I Come to Hong Kong as a Visitor, Find a Job, then Change to an Employment Visa?

CASE STUDY – Hong Kong Employment Visa Application – When All Else Failed We Appealed to the Chief Executive – and Won!

VIDEO I Hate My Boss and Want to Leave My Job – What Happens to My Hong Kong Employment Visa?

PS – in case you’re counting there are actually 15 resources in this Post but ’10’ has a nice ring to it so I lied! I trust you’ll forgive my indiscretion!


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