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Ai Is Coming To The Hong Kong Visa Geeza Website Very Soon

March 3rd, 2023

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to you but we’re actively and quickly moving ahead with the introduction of Ai to our immigration practice, the Hong Kong Visa Centre.

Ai Is Coming To The Hong Kong Visa Geeza Website Very Soon

Last year I established a group on LinkedIn called – Innovation In Immigration.

I posted this video along with a few others of the same ilk encouraging my colleagues globally to think on their feet with the coming onslaught of Ai in the professional practice of immigration.

It has never ceased to amaze me how, having applied and proven the Intelligent Content Marketing business model, in the immigration profession over a decade at least – and shared the knowledge and know-how 100% for free throughout all of this time – just how the overwhelming majority of colleagues have simply ignored it.

The business model I cut my teeth on 30 years ago is still used by 99.99% of all immigration practitioners globally today.

Namely, the Industrial Economy professional services business model with smart phones thrown in.


So, when you break down the psychographical elements of an immigration practitioner in respect of innovation in my profession, it’s a case of:

·       What do they believe?
·       What do they do?
·       What do they want?


It’s hard to find new clients at scale. There has to be a better way to monetize their expertise. No?


They rely on word-of-mouth marketing and advertising in all its forms and flounder amongst all the technology noise going on around them (especially those with gray hair). They feel that tech is just running away with them.


A proven process that works and with it, scale and growth. A proven, risk-free, ideally very low-cost follow-the-arrows formula to adopt and apply.

But unless it comes in the form of a silver bullet, it’s just business as usual.

But now comes along Ai and the game has changed.

Immigration practitioners traditionally have 3 heads of value:

1 – Expert knowledge & know-how
2 – The ability to apply (1) in real life
3 – Accountability for (2)

The Ai machine will usurp (1) leaving only (2) and (3) for monetization. The Industrial Economy business model based on scarcity is dead. The modern immigration practice must focus on (2) and (3) and win the online battle to be found for (1).

Interesting times ahead – watch this space!

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