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As a Hong Kong Work Visa Holder, If I Own Shares in a Company Here Will It Disqualify Me From Getting a Student Visa?

May 19th, 2020

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Hong Kong being the dynamic ‘all-things-to-all-people’ type of place it is, oftentimes, certain life circumstances here throw up immigration challenges that need to be considered carefully to ensure that you do not inadvertently run afoul of the law and end up doing things that are no commensurate with your formal conditions of stay.


This question presents a number of issues for consideration.

First Published May 30, 2013


I have been working in Hong Kong for the past five years under an employment visa and need today to apply for a student visa as I am no longer employed by my current sponsor-employer of record during my studies (full-time Masters Degree programme) starting in August 2013.

However, I have recently established a company in Hong Kong and have shares in this company.

Please could you counsel me on if I can apply for a student visa under this condition?

Also, will my 16 months of studies count toward my permanent residency?

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