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Audit Commission Recommends Operational Changes at ImmD – April 2016

April 22nd, 2016

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The Hong Kong Director of Audit issued Audit Commission Report Number 66 on the 5th of April and has made recommendations, which the government has accepted, to change certain aspects of how ImmD undertake their duties.


The Report is a mine of information (and runs to 86 pages long) but here follow some of the changes afoot:

Admission Schemes for talent, professionals and non-local graduates 

(1) monitor GEP and ASMTP applications with long processing times

(2) issue guidelines to set out clearly the required procedures for considering availability of local employees and market level of remuneration in processing GEP and ASMTP applications

(3) incorporate the talent list into the QMAS once it is available

(4) tighten control over the verification of the authenticity of supporting documents submitted by IANG applicants/entrants

Admission Schemes for investors

(5) step up monitoring of the processing time of GEP entrepreneur applications

(6) tighten up control of extensions of stay and consistency of business review

(7) tighten control over breaches of Scheme Rules of the CIES

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