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Baby Born in Hong Kong to a Foreign National Temporary Resident – How To Complete the Dependant Visa Process

December 14th, 2022

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When a baby is born here to a temporary (i.e. non permanent) resident how do you go about finalising the immigration formalities associated with the birth in the HKSAR?

This is a straightforward process not otherwise detailed in the dependant visa section of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook – so here you go:

Firstly, make sure you register the birth within 42 days. This short video teaches you how:

Documents Required 

1– Copy of  the baby’s Hong Kong birth certificate
2– Copy of the baby’s passport
3– Copy of parents’ Marriage Certificate
4– Copy of father’s passport bio details and current visa label pages
5– Copy of mother’s passport bio details and current visa label pages
6– Copy of HKID card for both parents
7– Original HKID235B (baby’s Permit to Remain – issued by ImmD at the time you registered the birth and secured the birth certificate) along with a copy
8– Completed Transfer of Endorsement form


This takes place on the 5th floor of Immigration Tower in Wanchai. There is a walk in quota each day which tends to fill up early. Better to make an advance appointment using the telephone booking service. Call 2824 6111 to learn how to do this

Time to Complete

1-2 hours


Bring something to read. Earphones and music are not recommended as you have to listen out for your number to be called. If you miss it, it’s a world of waiting pain…

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The Hong Kong Visa Geeza (a.k.a Stephen Barnes) is a co-founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre and author of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. A law graduate of the London School of Economics, Stephen has been practicing Hong Kong immigration since 1993 and is widely acknowledged as the leading authority on business immigration matters here for the last 24 years.

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