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Comprehensive Guide to Business Immigration in Hong Kong | Updated | November 2023

November 12th, 2023

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Update For Q3 2023

Welcome to our complete guide to Business Immigration in Hong Kong, updated to reflect the latest policies as of 2023. If you’re a professional seeking opportunities in our great city, this guide will provide you with the practical tools and insights you need to turn theory into action. With over 30 years of expertise in this niche, we’re here to navigate you through the complexities of business visas, employment schemes, and family reunification processes.

Visitor Visa For Business Professionals

When it comes to short-term business visits to Hong Kong, the visitor visa is your starting point. Whether you’re attending conferences or meeting with potential partners, this visa provides the flexibility required for business, family and tourism visits.

1 – Visitor Visa – 2023

2 – Visitor Visa Extension – 2023

3 – Travel Pass – 2023

4 – Indian Nationals PAR 2023

Employment Visa Opportunities

Hong Kong’s General Employment Policy (GEP) has recently expanded, allowing Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Nepalese nationals to participate.

5A – Employment Visa -Entry Visa – 2023

5B – Employment Visa – ICT – 2023

5C – Employment Visa – Change of Employer – 2023

Work Visas For Mainlanders

The GEP, alongside the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP), paves the way for skilled individuals to contribute to Hong Kong’s economic landscape.

6A – Mainland Talents & Professionals – Entry Visa – 2023

6B – Mainland Talents & Professionals – Change of Employer – 2023

Training Visa: Professional Development in Hong Kong:

For those seeking to enhance their skills, Hong Kong’s Training Visa provides a valuable opportunity. This scheme allows professionals and trainees to gain industry-specific knowledge, bolstering their expertise and opening doors to international career advancements.

7A – Training Visa – Entry Visa – 2023

7B – Training Visa – Change of Status – 2023

7C – Training Visa – Change of Category – 2023

Non-local Graduates Route to Employment:

Graduating in Hong Kong can be the first step towards a thriving career here. The Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) facilitates a smooth transition from university to the professional world for both fresh and returning graduates.

8A – IANG – Fresh Graduate Converting From A Student Visa – 2023

8B – IANG – Fresh Graduate Converting From A Visitor Visa – 2023

8C – IANG – Non-Resident Returning Graduate – 2023

8D – IANG – Visitor Returning Graduate – 2023

New Pilot Program for Vocational Professionals:

Stay tuned for the upcoming Vocational Professionals Pilot Program. It promises to offer a new pathway for students of accredited vocational courses to extend their stay and seek employment in Hong Kong. This Pilot was announced on 25th October, 2023.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Investment Opportunities:

For entrepreneurs, the Business Investment Visa acts as a gateway to establishing a business presence in Hong Kong. Furthermore, the Capital Investment Entrance Scheme, albeit with pending details, signals new possibilities for passive investment towards residency.

9A – Business Investment Visa – Entry Visa – 2023

9B – Business Investment Visa – Visiting To Start A Business – 2023

9C – Business Investment Visa – Entry Visa Relocate An Existing Business From Overseas – 2023

9D – Business Investment Visa – Visiting To Relocate An Existing Business From Overseas – 2023

Talent Schemes: Attracting Global Experts

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) and the Top Talent Pass Scheme offer avenues for exceptional individuals to bring their expertise to Hong Kong. These schemes have been enhanced to attract the best and brightest in their respective fields. The TTPS has a shiny new list of eligible universities. Check it out here.

11A – QMAS – Entry Visa – 2023

11B – QMAS – Change of Status – 2023

11C – QMAS – Change of Category – 2023

12A – TTPS – Entry Visa – 2023

12B – TTPS – Change of Status – 2023

12C – TTPS – Change of Category – 2023

Family Reunion

Business immigration isn’t just about the individual; it’s about family. Hong Kong’s visa policies encompass provisions for married partners, dependents, and even elderly parents, ensuring that your loved ones can join you in your new life.

13A – Legal Dependants – Entry Visa – 2023

13B – Legal Dependants – Change of Status – 2023

13C – Legal Dependants – Elderly Parents – Entry Visa – 2023

13D – Legal Dependants – Elderly Parents – Change of Status – 2023

14A – Defacto Spouse – Entry Visa – 2023

14B – Defacto Spouse – Change of Status – 2023

There’s More …

Other relevant visa types and immigration status options found to align with business immigration in Hong Kong include the following:

15A – ESLS – 2023

15B – Labour Department – ESLS – 2023

15C – ESLS – List of Exclusions

16A – ASSG – 2023

16B – ImmD Guide Book ASSG – 2023

17 – TechTAS – 2023

18A – Working Holiday Visa – Entry Visa – 2023

18B – Working Holiday Visa – Change of Status – 2023

19 – Right of Abode – 7 Year Resident Intending To Live Here Permanently – 2023

20 – UCS – 7 Year Resident Not Planning To Live Here Permanently – 2023

Not Forgetting Appeals

21 – Reconsideration – 2023

22 – Final Appeal – 2023

Last Words

As you consider your journey towards business immigration in Hong Kong, remember that the process is intricate and requires detailed attention. With our expertise and guidance, you can navigate this path with greater ease and confidence.

Ready to embark on your business journey in Hong Kong? Contact our expert immigration consultants today to secure your future in our fine city!


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