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Dependant Visa Proof of Means – A Chicken & Egg Situation for a Couple Relocating a Business to Hong Kong

March 12th, 2022

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First Published August 24, 2017

Thankfully, Hong Kong immigration is not overly bureaucratic or legalistic so what appears to be an intractable problem more often than not is not such a big deal after all…



My wife and I were married earlier this year. I am a US citizen, but she is an HK’er. 

We are presently in the US and soon plan to apply for a dependent visa.

I am a small business owner in Chicago and have been offered contracts on the condition that we relocate to Hong Kong.

The contracts start in late 2017 and my dependency visa will surely not be ready by then.

We intend to fly in for early December, and to work together in the business. 

If we were to set up the business in her name until my dependent visa has been issued, how can she prove her ability to support me, if many of our previous invoices are in my name?

Is there another way around?

I want to do this as cleanly as possible, although I have accepted the fact that I will be spend the winter in Hong Kong on a visitor visa, where only my wife can work.

In short, can I save this contract without jeopardizing the chances of my dependency visa?

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