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Hadley Says

Employment Visa: Does Your Employer Control Your Hong Kong Immigration Destiny?

February 28th, 2024

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No way, for sure not  – it simply is not the way the process works…

Your Hong Kong employment visa belongs to you, not your employer. They are just responsible for the sponsorship.

If the relationship with your employer sours for any reason and your employment terminates this is what happens to your visa:

Your privilege to work ceases. You can no longer engage in any employment without making a new application to the HKID first.

Your privilege to reside continues. The HKID will ordinarily allow you to remain in Hong Kong until your current limit of stay expires, whereupon you are required to leave Hong Kong.

In the meantime, this usually affords you the time you need to take stock of your affairs and get yourself back in the driving seat en route to a new employment in Hong Kong.

The HKID do not engage in any blame games as to why a sponsored employment has come to an end and only look forward not backwards

So don’t be intimidated by an errant employer who believes they have some kind of leverage over you as the sponsor of your employment visa.

The reality is, they have no such leverage whatsoever and you are a free agent for visa purposes and have nothing to worry about in this regard.

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