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Half Way Through the Process, is it Possible to Cancel One Hong Kong Employment Visa Application to Start a Second One Instead?

September 1st, 2023

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Cancel One Hong Kong Employment Visa Application to Start a Second One?

It sometimes happens that 2 job offers emerge in quick succession and you prefer to accept the 2nd one but the visa application for the first one has already started …

Cancel One Hong Kong Employment Visa Application to Start a Second One

So What Happens In A Situation Like This?

Cancel one Hong Kong employment visa application to start a second one? The process of applying for a work visa in Hong Kong involves several steps and parties, including the employer, the Immigration Department, and the applicant. Here are some general considerations regarding your situation:

Withdrawal of Application

If your work visa application is still being processed, it is generally possible to withdraw it. You would need to inform both the company sponsoring you and the Immigration Department as soon as possible.

New Sponsor

If you decide to go with another job offer, the new company would have to start the visa application process from scratch. This would include submitting all the required documents and waiting for the application to be processed, which could take several weeks.

Time Factor

Keep in mind that withdrawing an application and then submitting a new one will likely extend the time it takes to secure a work visa. Make sure you have enough time left on your visitor visa to accommodate this.

Changing Employers Later

If your work visa has already been approved but not yet issued (i.e., you haven’t started working), changing employers becomes more complicated. You would generally need to go through the application process again with your new employer under a change of sponsorship application.

Legal Implications

Depending on your contract with the first company, withdrawing after a visa has been approved could have legal repercussions. Make sure to read your contract carefully and consult a legal advisor if necessary.

Communication is Key

Regardless of the stage you’re at, communication with both your current and potential future employer is crucial. Make sure they are both aware of the situation and are willing to cooperate.


I am currently in Hong Kong and about to sign a contract with a company that will sponsor my work visa since I came here basically to be with my boyfriend. However, there might still be a chance to get an opportunity with another job I have been waiting for an answer from. My question is if it is possible to interrupt the visa processing and change it to another company before it’s issued.

I would really appreciate your advice.

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