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Hong Kong Immigration | What Does It Mean | Slippers And Pipe Visa?

December 4th, 2023

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Slippers And Pipe Visa For Unmarried Life Partners?

Gay or straight, if you’re unmarried other otherwise not legally hitched, the best you can expect is a prolonged visitor visa …

Over the last 20 years or so I have coined a number of phrases in Hong Kong immigration parlance. In this short video, I discuss the notion of a Slippers And Pipe Visa.

Slippers And Pipe Visa

In the world of Hong Kong immigration, the term “slippers and pipe visa” symbolizes the poor status that unmarried gay partners and heterosexual defacto-life partners invariably experience when dealing with prolonged visitor visas. Although not eligible for dependent visas, these individuals find themselves in a loving committed life partner relationship with their principal visa sponsors.

Understanding Prolonged Visitor Visas

When the Immigration Department provides a prolonged visitor visa to applicants who are not eligible for dependent visas, it effectively offers the same immigration status granted upon arrival at the airport. However, for gay partners and heterosexual defacto life partners who are not legally married, this status poses certain limitations. It restricts them to primarily waiting for their partners to come back every night, fulfilling the metaphorical role of handing them the slippers and their pipe.

Challenges Faced by Same-Sex Partners and Defacto Spouses

Without the legal recognition of marriage or civil partnership, these individuals are faced with immigration permissions that significantly narrow their opportunities. They are confined to the role of a visitor, unable to fully participate in the economic activity of Hong Kong.

Overcoming the Limitations Of The Slippers And Pipe Visa

Unfortunately, the process of obtaining immigration rights equal to those granted to married couples can be arduous and complicated. However, there are steps that same-sex partners and defacto spouses can take to navigate this challenging situation. Consulting a Hong Kong immigration lawyer experienced in these matters can provide valuable guidance and support during this process.

Last Words On The Slippers And Pipe Visa 

The “slippers and pipe visa” analogy captures the essence of the limitations faced by gay partners and heterosexual defacto life partners with prolonged visitor visas. The immigration permissions granted to them restrict their roles in waiting for their partners and hinder their ability to fully integrate into Hong Kong.

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