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Hong Kong Investment Visa – Case Which Would Not Get Approved Today But Will Be Approved 9 ~ 12 Months From Now

July 14th, 2012

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This question is a really interesting one as, from an immigration perspective, it suffers from the lack of a compelling reason for the owner of the business to be able to show the Hong Kong Immigration Department that she is in a position to make a substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong – today. Next year, however, she may be much better placed…



“I am looking to establish my business in Hong Kong so I would need to get a Business Investment Visa, and I am wondering if you could take a quick look at my situation.

My current situation is this:

• I am a 25 year old woman of Swedish nationality.

• I have a current business (sole proprietorship) in Sweden.

• My business is in Internet Marketing, my main specialisation is in driving traffic (visitors) to e-commerce websites.

• My main partners are and

• I have been focusing mainly on the American market.

• This business is fully Internet based, which means.

• Me and my employees only need a computer with Internet for work.

• I can relocate my whole business without any problems.

• Currently I have 3 “employees”, all are from the India.

• On average I pay them 8.000 HKD / month for full time work.

• I don’t have any official contracts stating they are my employees, I think they would fall under the category freelancers.

• I started this business officially in 2010.

• In 2010 I made a profit of 22.000 Euro (~210.000 HKD) – 40.000 Euro revenue, 18.000 Euro expenses.

• In 2011 I made a profit of 25.000 Euro (~240.000 HKD) – 51.000 Euro revenue, 26.000 Euro expenses.

• In the first half of 2012 I made around 42.000 Euro revenue (~400.000 HKD). I think the profit over this period should be between 25% and 50% of that.

• I currently have about 42.500 Euro in my bank account.

• I am currently developing a new system.

• I have analysed all of my previous strategies and efforts and designed this system based on that.

• It should be ready before the shopping season at the end of the year, in fact it’s almost in a stage where we can start testing it.

• When the system is finished it should result in a huge boost in revenue and a reliable stream of income.

I don’t have any degrees or certificates for proof of my expertise. I finished school at the age of 18 or 19 and after that I tried studying at the university but that wasn’t for me, so I started something on my own. I then learnt everything I know now through trainings and courses on the Internet and from first hand experience.

Do you think I will get a visa?”


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