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Hong Kong Travel Pass | A Three Year 60 Day Visitor Visa | A Comprehensive Guide | Updated | November 2023

November 19th, 2023

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The Hong Kong Travel Pass | A Supercharged Visitor Visa For Frequent Visits To Hong Kong | How To Qualify

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What is the Hong Kong Travel Pass?

The Hong Kong Travel Pass, also known as the Travel Pass, is a supercharged visitor visa specifically designed for frequent visitors with genuine business reasons for travel.

Qualification Criteria

To be eligible for the Hong Kong Travel Pass, you must have had three trouble-free visits within the 12 months prior to your application via the airport and demonstrate a positive benefit to Hong Kong. You must also have a continuing home country employment or business that you will return to at the end of each visit.

Benefits of the Hong Kong Travel Pass

With the Hong Kong Travel Pass, you can stay up to two months with unlimited entries during the validity period of the pass. Additionally, you can utilize the residence lines at the airport, ensuring faster processing through immigration clearance.

How to Apply

To apply for the Hong Kong Travel Pass, you must submit an application to the Immigration Department. The process typically takes six to eight weeks to complete.

Last Words …

The Hong Kong Travel Pass provides an array of benefits for frequent visitors to Hong Kong.

If you meet the qualification criteria, consider applying for this special visa to experience faster immigration clearance, extended stays, and the ultimate convenience of unlimited entries.

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