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Hong Kong Visa Geeza | Going Back to Blackburn | Chinese New Year 2018

December 19th, 2023

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The Journey of the Hong Kong Visa Geeza: From Blackburn to Hong Kong

At Chinese New Year 2018 I went back to Blackburn, Lancashire the town of my birth in northern England.

Updated September 2023

Childhood Memories in Blackburn

Hong Kong Visa Geeza? After many years away, I returned to my hometown of Blackburn, Lancashire, where I couldn’t help but reminisce about my childhood. Walking through the streets, I visited the house I grew up in and took a trip down memory lane. My primary school, Duckworth Street, holds countless memories from my formative years, as it was where I attended from the age of four until 11.

Leaving England and Embracing Adventure

Leaving St. Wilfred’s school in 1979 without any qualifications, I felt a strong desire for adventure. So, I put on my backpack and embarked on a journey to explore the world. My travels took me to various countries, but eventually, I found myself in Hong Kong—a captivating and truly fascinating place.

Returning to Blackburn: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Over four decades after leaving Blackburn, I decided to return for a nostalgic trip. Although time had brought changes to the town, I was delighted to discover that I could still find connections to my past. It was heartwarming to stroll through familiar streets and revisit places that had shaped my early years.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

My path to success was not without its fair share of challenges. Many doubted my abilities, and I even battled with imposter syndrome. With determination and hard work, I persevered and ultimately became very accomplished in my niche of Hong Kong immigration.

The Importance of Following Your Dreams

Reflecting on my personal journey, I cannot stress the significance of pursuing one’s intuition. I have learned that hard work and perseverance are instrumental in achieving success. Believe in yourself, stay committed to your goals, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Last Words …

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