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How Does Your Prior Immigration Record in Hong Kong Impact On Future Visa Applications Here?

May 2nd, 2017

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Do the Hong Kong Immigration Department cross-refer previous applications for a visa to current application for a visa?


So, how does your prior immigration record in Hong Kong impact on future visa applications?



I have a question regarding to my working visa.

Previously I have been working in Hong Kong in the skin care industry as promotion manager. I wanted to change employers and change the industry related to investments and real estate (I have education in business management, but not in Hong Kong).

I submitted an application to the Immigration Department already and have even spoken with the  Immigration Officer handling my case together with my employer.

However the Officer had concerns about my past experience. Unfortunately I needed to withdraw my application as I felt it would be refused.

My question is – can I apply for a working visa again with the same company, but re. a different position (one that would suit better to my past experience as I worked in marketing before)?

I know from the company’s HR department that they will open position in marketing for me and if I pass the interview for that role I would be submitting documents to Immigration once again.

Would it be inappropriate in the eyes of the Immigration Department. Or you would suggest to find new employer?

Second question. Will the Immigration Department keep that record if I withdraw my application? Would it affect my further visa applications?


1 – ImmD have ALL your records and cross refer to them frequently.

2 – There is no reason why you cannot apply again for the same company with a different job title.

You still have to prove no local person can do the job, that the compensation is broadly commensurate with market rates and that you are a Professional for the purposes of the General Employment Policy but the fact that you withdraw one application with that employer doesn’t preclude you from making a new application with the same employer for a different job.

Be aware though ImmD might seek to learn in more detail if the new application is a proxy for the old one so you may need to explain in some detail how the 2 jobs are different and the decision process between your employer and yourself as to how you find yourself making such a 2nd application which is unusual but not remarkable.

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