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How to Apply for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong (American Club Talk) – Part 1 of 7 – The Make Up of My Presentation

May 20th, 2018

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First Published on June 10, 2014

On May 29, 2014 The Henley Group sponsored a talk on How to Apply for the Right of Abode in Hong Kong at the American Club.

Spaces were limited and it booked out pretty quickly.

Nevertheless, we recorded the whole presentation and are pleased to produce it here in 7 parts.

The entire talk will be posted on this website over the course of the next couple of weeks

We originally produced a version of this presentation last year.

However, this time we can bring the material to life a bit more with an actively engaged audience and a lovely ambiance to the session all told.

I hope you get value from it.

A hat tip to my new colleague Chris Michael Owen who joined us recently to head up our video production endeavours as our resident cinematographer here in Hong Kong.

Chris joins our team working closely to complement the Sterling  work of our long-standing video artist guru, India-based, Chirag Sachdeva.

Together we have big plans for the rest of the year and you will begin to see a significant uplift of the volume and quality of our video content as Visa Geeza TV emerges from the drawing board little by little as a result of our recent investment in the Video Cha Cha studio in Wanchai.

Either way, our intention is to help answer your Hong Kong visa questions and assist in solving your immigration problems.

Our websites are about you, not us, and we’re just happy to have you around.

The Other Segments of this Talk

Part 2 – 7 Years in Hong Kong – Do You Qualify?

Part 3 –  Hong Kong Ordinary Residence & When it Starts

Part 4 – Maintaining & Breaking Your Ordinary Residence

Part 5 – Settlement & Only Place of Permanent Residence

Part 6 – Paperwork & Process

Part 7 – Keeping it & Losing it!

 More Stuff You May Find Useful or Interesting

How does Hong Kong right of abode downgrade to the right to land materialize and what are the immigration implications of this?

I worked in Hong Kong for 4 years – then left for 2 – and have a valid visa in my passport – can I still work & then apply for the right of abode?

Will I still qualify for the right of abode if I worked temporarily in Macau yet lived in Hong Kong for the full 7 years?

Does my child get the right of abode if she wasn’t born in Hong Kong but I have the right to land?

Strategy on how to craft an argument to appeal a refused Hong Kong right of abode application


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