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I Possess an APEC Business Travel Card – Will It Advantage Me in My Hong Kong Investment Visa Application?

December 2nd, 2022

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This question really is all about the Catch 22 which I have posted on quite a few times previously. However, there is an interesting twist in that the questioner has entered Hong Kong on an APEC Business Travel Card and none of his clients are actually based in Hong Kong. So I am grateful for the opportunity to address these 2 novel dimensions to an issue that raises its head all too frequently.


I’ve entered Hong Kong under the APEC Business Travel Card program (as I hold a passport from an APEC country) as a business visitor.

I’ve established a company in Hong Kong and am going through the process of applying for an investment visa.

The question I have is can I legally run my business while being present in Hong Kong, while I wait for my visa to be approved?

All my clientele are currently based offshore (I have no local Hong Kong clients yet).

There seems to be a grey area for those of us that “telecommute” or service clients over the internet.

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