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Hong Kong Employment Investment Visa | Unsual Case Study | One Man Contractor Business | Flexible Policy Example

December 8th, 2023

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How Our Client Leveraged A Hong Kong Employment Investment Visa To Enter Our Cyber-Security Market

An employment visa for a one-man consulting concern initially before going on to convert his status into a fully-fledged investment visa subsequently

A Case Study

Hong Kong employment investment visa? This Case Study looks at a not-entirely uncommon but still unusual method of securing, initially, an employment visa for a one-man consulting concern in Hong Kong and then going on to converting his status into a fully-fledged investment visa subsequently.

Our Client’s Journey

Join us as we delve into our client’s remarkable journey of leveraging a Hong Kong employment investment visa to unlock new business prospects in the market for cyber-security services in Hong Kong. I discuss the process, requirements, and advantages of this visa application through his novel case study.

The Visa Mechanism

The “Hong Kong employment investment visa” played a pivotal role in empowering our client, a specialist in banking security systems, to embark on a transformative business expansion in Hong Kong.

Navigating the Complexities

Our client encountered a significant challenge as the local bank in Hong Kong was unwilling to sponsor his employment visa, hindering his project involvement. However, he sought assistance and discovered a unique solution: establishing a representative office of his UK service company in Hong Kong.

The Path to Success

By establishing the representative office, our client managed to demonstrate a clear chain of contracts back to the parent entity, the UK bank. This compelling evidence persuaded the authorities to grant him an employment visa for the project’s duration, enabling him to provide his specialized services in Hong Kong for an extended period.

Expanding the Business Footprint

The successful completion of the initial project not only satisfied our client’s contractual obligations but also opened up new avenues for growth. Being physically present in Hong Kong allowed him to forge valuable partnerships, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and expand his network within the banking sector.

Re-domiciling the UK Business to Hong Kong

Holding a renewed vision for the future, our client made a strategic decision to re-domicile his UK business to Hong Kong. By establishing a limited liability company incorporated in Hong Kong, he ensured seamless operations, compliance with local regulations, and enhanced credibility within the region.

Visa Extension and Continuous Business Growth

Thanks to our client’s substantial economic contribution and demonstrated success, the Immigration Department granted him a 12-month extension on his investment visa permissions. This endorsement further fortified his presence in Hong Kong, allowing him to secure additional contracts with different European banks and leverage his expertise to fuel continuous business growth.


Hong Kong Employment Investment Visa

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