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The Economy at Home is Very Bad – So What Investment Visa Options Exist for You in Hong Kong?

October 13th, 2012

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Hong Kong has a lot to offer dynamic, entrepreneurial people who have a modicum of resources, some prior business experience and the desire to make a name for themselves out in Asia.

Leaving aside the HKD10 million investment-for-residence programme known as the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, Hong Kong offers the possibility for current overseas business owners, or aspiring investors in new Hong Kong based businesses to secure a residence visa for Hong Kong under the General Employment Policy.

Getting such a Business Investment Visa is a relatively predictable exercise if you can show some or all of the following qualities which you can bring to Hong Kong, benefiting our economy accordingly.

(1) The downsizing of your commercial enterprise in your home country, seeking to transfer the focus of your operations to Hong Kong.

(2) Baby steps transfer of part of your operations away from your own country, establishing, initially, a Representative presence in Hong Kong, prior to eventually shifting the bulk of your commercial operations or decision making here.

(3) Existing turnover in your home country of more than USD1 million p.a. that will essentially be relocated to Hong Kong on the strength of a re-arrangement of your commercial affairs in favour of headquartering in the HKSAR.

(4) The exercise of setting up in Hong Kong will create at least 1-2 local jobs here in the first 12 months, your company will be homed within suitable business premises and you have sufficient capital to run the business assuming no revenues from operations for the first 6-12 months after commencement.

Hong Kong welcomes overseas businesses, large or small, and makes it relatively painless to get started.

With visas for immediate family members readily available, incredible tax advantages, an expatriate community that is dynamic, entrepreneurial and getting on with building success, why struggle on in depressed European, American and Australasian economies when there’s no doubt you’ll be able to make an excellent go of it in Hong Kong.

So, what are you waiting for?

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