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The Experience of Being Denied Entry As A Visitor to Hong Kong

April 16th, 2018

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The experience of being denied entry as a visitor to Hong Kong…

Got this email in over the weekend. Good to share:Hi,

I travelled to Hong Kong on 12th on a PAR from India.

The immigration officer asked me for the duration of my stay. I told her I am in hong kong for 10 days on a holiday.

She asked me the following then –

1) Hotel bookings for 10 days

2) Day wise itinerary for 10 days.

3) Cash I was carrying

I replied the following –

1) I had booking for two days. I told her I did not book for 10 days in advance as I was not sure if the hotel will be good. I’ll check it out for two days if I like i will extend my stay there or book another hotel for the remainder of my stay.

2) I told her the places I am interested in seeing however I did not have the day to day itinerary planned out.

3) I was carrying $4500 in cash & my debit card which had more than enough money to cover my expenses.

They did not tell me for which exact reason they sent me back. I was told I can come back at any time when I am better prepared.

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