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The Hong Kong Training Visa – All You Need To Know To Get Approved The First Time

August 5th, 2023

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Approval Criteria for a Hong Kong Training Visa

Foreign nationals and residents of mainland China who wish to acquire specialized skills and knowledge through training  may have their application for a Hong Kong training visa approved based on strict eligibility criteria. This post aims to provide an overview of the requirements for a training visa application in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Training Visa

Hong Kong Training Visa – Are You Eligible?

An application for a Hong Kong training visa may be considered positively if the following criteria are met:

  1. There should be no security objections against the applicant and no record of serious crime.
  2. The bona fides of the applicant and the sponsoring company need to be satisfied.
  3. The sponsoring company must be a well-established entity capable of providing the training.
  4. There should be a written contract between the sponsoring company and the applicant.
  5. The sponsoring company must guarantee in writing the maintenance and repatriation of the applicant.
  6. The proposed duration and content of the training program must be justified, and the training not available in the applicant’s home country.

Hong Kong Training Visa Approvability Test

The approvability of a training visa application in Hong Kong is based on the following factors:

  • The bona fides of the sponsoring entity providing the training.
  • Whether the training can be provided in the applicant’s home country or not.
  • The scope and length of the training are reasonable in all circumstances.

Training Plan – A Critical Element For a Hong Kong Training Visa

A detailed training plan that lists all activities included in the training program is a crucial requirement of a training visa application. The plan should include the following information:

  1. Topics to be covered
  2. Location of the training
  3. Number of hours of training each day/week
  4. Details of the trainer
  5. The department involved

Submitting Your Hong Kong Training Visa Application

There are three ways to submit a training visa application:

  1. Online
  2. Via post from overseas or in person to the Receipt & Dispatch Unit of the Immigration HQ
  3. As part of an application to Change Status or Visa Category if you are presently in Hong Kong as a resident or as a visitor
  4. Via the nearest Chinese diplomatic mission in your country

The Hong Kong Training Visa Consideration Process

Once the application is submitted, the Immigration Department will start the process, which will be communicated through email/fax or post. The application process usually takes around 4-6 weeks. Once approved, the applicant will receive a notice of positive outcome and will be required to complete the approval formalities, including payment of a fee and obtaining a QR Code Approval Letter.

Hong Kong Training Visa Length of Stay Once Approved

The maximum period of stay for a training visa holder is 12 months, which is non-extendable. The actual period of stay is linked to the formal length of the training contract.

Resource Links

To further assist with your Hong Kong training visa application, here are some helpful links:

Last Words …

The Hong Kong training visa program presents an opportunity for foreign nationals and residents of mainland China to acquire specialized skills and knowledge through training in Hong Kong. Eligibility criteria for the application include the bona fides of the applicant and the sponsoring company, the availability of the training program, and a reasonable scope and length of the training. It is vital to submit a detailed training plan with the application, as it increases the chances of approval. Training visa holders can bring their family members along, and their length of stay is linked to the sponsor’s.

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