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Hadley Says

Your Employer Must Help You Get Your Hong Kong Employment Visa!

June 25th, 2012

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Watch this video on YouTube.

Most employers in Hong Kong understand that getting an employment visa is a 2 party process and usually help their foreign national employees get the visa they need to start work here.

But sometimes an employer will seek to divorce themselves from the process and say to their new employee “you have to sort the visa situation out by yourself”.

This is not a great way to go about getting an employment visa approved because you’re both going to have to engage in the process.

It’s as simple as that.

The employer needs to know that they will have to provide, at the very least:

• Business information
• Company financial information
• Details about current staff (including what they are paid), and
• Sponsorship, including an undertaking to fund the cost of your repatriation if you need to be removed from Hong Kong for any reason.

Your employer’s fears can be assuaged to some degree by them agreeing to supply sensitive information required to support your application in a sealed envelope to the HKID directly against your official file reference number (and away from your ‘prying ‘ eyes!)

But they are going to have to play ball!


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