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How To Become An Entrepreneur In Hong Kong – 60 Minute Presentation

July 12th, 2022

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Last Thursday, July 7 2022, I participated in a hosted Webinar on How To Become An Entrepreneur in Hong Kong.

This one hour presentation was hosted by banking services provider Statrys and supported by my colleague Will Probert of Zzzzip.

The material itself is self-explanatory and I hope you find it helpful in understanding how to become an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, especially if you need immigration permissions in order to do this.

10 Must Have Resources For An Entrepreneur Applying For A Hong Kong Business Investment Visa

1. INFOGRAPHIC – One Man Investment Visa for Hong Kong

2. PDF – Information on the Hong Kong Business Investment Visa

3. PLAN – The Hong Kong Visa Application Roadmap

4. CASE STUDY – Hong Kong Investment Visas – 3 Case Examples That Would Not Get Approved

5. TEMPLATES – Business Investment Visa Application Argument & Other Supporting Letters to the HKID

VIDEO – 60 Page Business Plan Needed for a Business Investment Visa?

VIDEO – Advantages of Being An Existing Resident When You Make an Application for a Business Investment Visa

PODCAST – Freelancers in Hong Kong – Can You Get a Visa?

TEMPLATE – Business Plan for a Hong Kong Enterprise

TEMPLATE – Hong Kong Employment Contract


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