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How To Cure Your Hong Kong Visa Extension Headache & Make Sure It Gets Approved The Very First Time!

August 6th, 2023

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The Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit

Let’s face it, the regular traipse down to Immigration Tower (even if it’s now metaphorically also a traipse online) to get your visa extended is a right royal pain in the @ss.

Hong Kong Visa Extension – Uncertain Process?

The process is uncertain, you’re not sure what exactly you need to prepare and there’s always that nagging doubt that they might even say NO to your application!

Hong Kong Visa Extension – How Long Will It Be For?

Moreover, you’re never really sure how long they’ll extend your visa for, the number of trips to Wanchai you’ll need to make, nor how much sitting around you’re going to have to do in a soulless government office while the Hong Kong Immigration Department do ‘their thing’, seemingly, year after year…

Hong Kong Visa Extension – Is There A Decent Free Resource to Help?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a professionally prepared resource you could rely on to take away the hassle of the Hong Kong visa extension process? A resource that contained all the things needed to help you get the visa renewal monkey off your back, and even though it was prepared by a Hong Kong visa and immigration specialist consultancy, was completely free of charge?

Well, now there is.

Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit – Read On To Learn More…

The problem ultimately lies in the fact that the HKID website simply doesn’t provide all the answers to the questions which flow naturally from the process of a Hong Kong visa renewal.

Essentially, all the instructions and details of the information required to extend your visa are contained within a ‘one-size-fits-all’ visa extension application form. This makes it very difficult to suss out what the actual process is really all about. For example:

  • The form speaks of a ‘current employment letter’ – but doesn’t indicate what that letter should contain.
  • In some cases they want a copy of your HKID card – and often times, they do not.
  • The process calls for an employment contract for some lines of work – and for others, it’s simply not needed.

While the form clearly indicates that it should take about 2 weeks to finalise your case, it doesn’t say anything about applications made late in the day, just before your visa expires; it states nothing about what to do if you’re no longer working for your original employer; it makes no mention of how to manage the situation if you’ll be away on a long-planned holiday on the date that your current visa comes to an end.

This is because the role of the Hong Kong Immigration Department is to inform and decide, not to offer advice.  Figuring out what to do in a round-peg- square-hole situation is your problem, not theirs.

But there is a solution.

It’s called the Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit.

Hong Kong Visa Extension – Everything You Need

This valuable resource contains all of the information, guidance and templates you need to process any kind of residence visa extension for Hong Kong – completely free of charge.

The Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit is available only to members of our mailing list, so this is what you need to do:

1                     Sign up to our mailing list.

2                     Receive the link to the Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit special download page.

3                     Watch the short presentation.

4                     Download the templates, checklists, official forms and the visa-specific  How-to-Apply Guide.

5                     Prepare your extension application bundle.

6                     Submit your case.

7                     Get your approval!

Best of all, if you are uncertain about the specifics which apply in your own particular situation, as a member of our mailing list, you can ask me a question and I will give you a PodCast answer within 48 hours via the HongKongVisaGeeza blog.

So, why not sign up now and get the Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit sent to you today.

It’s 100% unique, 100% professional and 100% free!

And, as always, your email information is absolutely safe with us.

So, if you’re looking for a fuss-free Hong Kong visa extension application with all of your questions answered, sign up now for the Hong Kong Visa Extension Kit right now.

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