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Last 5 Years – the Top 10 Resources of the Hong Kong Visa Geeza Website & the Size of Our Tribe!

May 8th, 2017

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It has been 5 years since we launched the Hong Kong Visa Geeza website. Thought I would share with you the essential metrics of how well this website performs for us AND thought you might be interested in the top ten most visited articles / sections of this website over the last five years:


Geeza Results 2012-2017 - 2- click to enlarge -

The key takeaways from these numbers is that in the last 5 years almost 170,000 people have used this website visiting on average just over 3 pages each user staying approximately 1 minute on average on each page. Our content has been displayed three quarters of a million times in that time.


top 10

1. Checking the status of your Hong Kong visa application online – Yeah Right!

2. Redundancy – The Process Pitfalls of an Expiring Hong Kong Employment Visa

3. Why I hate the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (and you should too!)

4. I’ve lost my job – what about my employment visa – will I get kicked out of Hong Kong?

5. What happens if you overstay your Hong Kong visa limit of stay?

6. How do you go about changing your employment visa sponsorship down at Immigration Tower?

7. Ask Me a Question!

8. Starting a business in Hong Kong

9. How do you go about applying for a Reconsideration of a previously refused Hong Kong employment visa application?

10. Must Have resources for a successful Hong Kong permanent residency application


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