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What Will the Immigration Department Make of a Third Party Objection to An Application for a Hong Kong Investment Visa?

August 28th, 2020

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Objection to an application for a Hong Kong investment visa? Revenge is a dish best eaten cold, as they say.

So, can an application for a Hong Kong investment visa be negatively impacted by the fact of a debt outstanding to a disgruntled creditor – or can it at least be used as a point of leverage  to get the errant debtor to stump up.  Hmm…


I was the largest creditor of a limited company established by a foreigner director here in Hong Kong whom is the managing director cum substantial shareholder of that company.

My loan to him has been defaulted for 1 whole year period. Recently, I found out that he is in the process of submitting his investment visa application by using this limited company’s business operations and company’s financial accounts.

Being a creditor of his limited company,  can I sue a director of a limited company, and fail him from getting his  investment visa?

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