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Why & How The Hong Kong Immigration Department Are Getting A Lot Tougher Now – Collection of Relevant Data

December 19th, 2016

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On June 14,2016 I gave a talk at WYND Co-Working Space in Lan Kwai Fong on the topic of why and how the Hong Kong Immigration Department are getting a lot tougher now in the wake of the Audit Commission Report Number 66 released to ImmD in April and made public in June.

This 9th segment discusses how ImmD were not collecting certain data needed to measure the impact of the policies they were implementing.

You can download the slides here.

The Rest of the Series


Audit Commission Report Number 66

GEP & AMTPS Processing Times

Labour Market Testing & Salaries

Talent List For QMAS

Documentation Authenticity

Investment Visa Processing Times

Breach of CIES Rules

Collection of Relevant Data

Upgrade of ImmD Systems

Your Questions Answered


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